Consign Your Car With Us


SW2 Japan Sports offers its Consignment service to assist owners with the entire selling process.

Service includes:

  1. Concours-level vehicle detailing.
  2. Vehicle storage at our Costa Mesa location.
  3. Full & comprehensive high-quality photoshoot.
  4. Compiling records, details, and the car’s overall ownership history to create an in-depth ad writeup.
  5. Listing the car for sale on 1-5 of the most effective automotive classified websites online.
    • Note: We typically use the most popular classifieds websites in addition to targeted enthusiast forums to market your car. Further online marketing on a site of your choosing is available at request and zero charge.
  6. Presenting the car to potential buyers.
  7. Negotiating with potential buyers to meet your desired selling price.
    • Note: In addition to traditional negotiation, we typically employ auction results, recent private sales, and overall market knowledge to educate buyers on the value of your car. Buyers know that we represent only the highest-quality cars, raising perceived value in general.
SW2 Japan Sports’ Consignment rate is generally 5% of the value of the deal upon sale of the car.